Power Dressing: High Heels

High heels can be for fun or for power dressing

Unless you are super short, high heels are typically reserved for evening wear. They are usually not worn for day-to-day, routine activities. But, for short women, high heels are sometimes the default. They get used to add height, not just to try to look sexy.

This can be an important element of getting taken seriously on the job. It can also introduce a challenge. Because Brand House Direct High Heels are so strongly associated with sexiness, it can take some real savvy to wear them in a way that works for someone trying to do power dressing at the office.

For women who are reserving high heels for evening wear and fun times, you will generally be looking for strappy, sexy items. They may be gold or silver or bright red. They may be covered in rhinestones. They may be very eye catching. They may be paired with matching accessories, such as belts or jewelry. They may be paired with equally eye catching clothing, or they may be paired with a simple, but dramatic black outfit that serves as a backdrop to show off the shoes and other accessories.

But if you are wearing high heels to the office so you can go toe-to-toe with the guys and get taken more seriously, you will want something a lot more conservative. You will want dark, neutral colors and closed toe shoes. You will be shopping for a wider variety of high heeled shoes because you will still want some fun shoes. But you will need some of them to be serious and business-like.

Although high heels are typically paired with skirts and dresses, for women of short stature wearing them to the office, they can be paired with pant suits. Doing so can help downplay the fact that you are, in fact, wearing high heels. You may able to opt to wear longer pants that help obscure the fact that you are in high heels. Whether you do or not, pairing them with pants can help reduce the impression that this is sexy, fun attire and help you get taken more seriously.

Although high heels have a generally bad reputation for being uncomfortable, this does not have to be the case. If you are in generally good health and not seriously overweight, choosing a good pair of shoes can make a big difference in how comfortable they are. If that alone is not sufficient, you may be able to improve the comfort level by getting padded inserts.

Even if you aren’t particularly short for a woman, you may want to consider wearing high heels to the office. Height is one of the metrics that gets interpreted as conveying authority. Trying to bring yourself up to the same eye level as the average man can potentially help you get taken more seriously. If some man stands up to tower over you and intimidate you, you can simply stand up yourself. When it turns out you are nearly as tall, his intimidation tactic can fall flat.